Farewell! …I mean…really, what do we say?

From water color d**k art, to original music!? Simply, amazing. We have been continuously W O W E D through this experience and have witnessed how powerful it is when artists support artists, and it’s truly been a magical f**king blast. To feel like you’re in a perpetual state of falling in love is a pretty amazing thing to have experienced and that’s what this project has been for us–falling in love with all of you artists over and over and over. And we will thank you, forever, for letting us be a part of that!

Do we continue this project sans pod? We aren’t sure what that would look like, but we do know that not getting to live in this space will ache our lil’ artist hearts……..sooo, who knows? We’re certainly not against evolving into something new…

To all of the publishers and of course, our gorgeous Lil’ Shorty writers, you are such an inspiration!
Please, NEVER, EVER stop giving us a reason to MAKE ART!

We are SO grateful to each and every one of you for supporting this project, WE LOVE YOU, & farewell…for now!

Xoxo, Jori&Bethers 🖤

P.S. Bethers has left a handful of short stories for you to read as a lil’ parting gift, which you can find here: Art of the Short Story List

P.P.S. We’ll still be on our socials supporting you–come say “Hi!” anytime you feel like it!

More information can be found on the Art of the Short Podcast, link below.